Duxford – Battle of Britain Air Show 20 Sep 2015

Well, just a few photos from yesterday’s air show. Photographing fast moving planes is incredibly difficult resulting in a 90% failure rate nevertheless here are some I thought worth showing.

There were lots of Spitfires and Hurricanes, even some Messerschmitts doing pretend dogfights. One of the highlights was a Chinnook helicopter doing things you’d never expect such a heavy duty helicopter would be capable of. Sadly none of my photos of this were adequate to share.

_MG_4796-Edit _MG_4817-Edit _MG_4828-Edit _MG_4837-Edit _MG_4852-Edit _MG_4874-Edit _MG_4884-Edit _MG_4928-Edit _MG_4930-Edit _MG_4945-Edit _MG_4956-Edit _MG_4967-Edit _MG_4969-Edit _MG_4970-Edit _MG_4975-Edit _MG_4985-Edit _MG_4990-Edit _MG_4996-Edit _MG_4997-Edit _MG_5001-Edit _MG_5003-Edit _MG_5014-Edit


Just setting up this site so that we can share stuff amongst the family.

The idea was prompted by me wanting to share some photos that I took yesterday at the Duxford Air Show and, thinking that if we had a web site that we could all log into, other photos etc. that we want to show each other could be hosted up here on the family’s cloud.

If you’d like to be able to post up your own words / photos then let me know (here) and I’ll get you set up.

Also check out this page which contains details about the photos that appear at the very top of this page.